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"Princess Daisy's witty attitude matches her playing style."

Daisy's Legend Description, Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario Strikers is the first ever soccer game in the Mario series, first released in 2005 on the GameCube. The game features characters in the Mario series playing a less regulated version of soccer, with there being no referee, and attacking opponents in ways such as throwing them towards electric fences is encouraged. The game has a much more truculent vibe than most Mario games, with all of the characters being portrayed in a more aggressive and arrogant manner than usual. This would be shown to an even greater extent in the sequel to this game, Mario Strikers Charged.

About Daisy

Daisy's official artwork.

Princess Daisy is one of the nine playable captains featured in this game. Daisy's team number is 9 and her color theme is of course orange. She is classified as an Offensive character, sharing this role with Waluigi. This means that while Daisy's speed and defensive skills are less than favorable, she excels at shooting and passing.

To match the darker style of the game, Both Daisy and Peach wear much skimpier outfit than usual, having their midriffs exposed and wearing shorts. In addition, Daisy has a much more conceited personality, reveling in the attention given to her when the audience cheers.



  • Home: Daisy runs in with her three teammates and says "Thank you!" to the audience for their cheers, putting her hand up to her ear.
  • Away: When she is on the AWAY team, Daisy simply runs in with a hostile expression and says "Uh-huh!"

Opening Taunt

  • Daisy makes two aggressive gestures towards her opponent, yelling "Yeah? Yeah?!". Daisy then turns her cheek away from her opponent, sucks her teeth and faintly says "Un un...".

Goal Animations

  • Goal 1: Daisy makes a very cocky laugh while running towards her position and alternatingly raising her hands.
  • Goal 2: Daisy cheers energetically while jumping up and down with her hands raised.

Torpedo Strike

Daisy's Super Strike, Torpedo Strike.

Super Strikes are powerful soccer shots that the team captains of the game can perform. If timed properly, it can guarantee a goal for that captain. Each character has a unique Super Strike. Daisy's Super Strike is known as Torpedo Strike.

When performing Torpedo Strike, Daisy jumps up and then freezes for a moment (like all the other characters) before she is surrounded by a bright orange and yellow energy. Daisy then kicks the ball, surrounding it and herself in fiery orange and yellow sparks and sending it towards the goal.