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This is a page detailing the designs and outfits Princess Daisy has been worn over the years in her various appearances. Please keep in mind that some of these names are not official names, they're only used for clarification.

Daisy's Classic Dress

Daisy's classic dress refers to the dress she wore in Super Mario Land and Mario Party 3. Daisy's sprite in the game has no notable features, but in official artwork for the game, Daisy is drawn with bright red hair extending to her back and a small red crown in the part of her hair. She has a yellow floor-length gown with white patterns at the bottom. He dress collar has a design resembling flower petals and white gloves. Her earrings are large and flower-shaped. She has various black jewels on her outfit. Daisy's artwork from Super Mario Land is reused in Super Mario Bros. Print World, but this time she has Princess Peach's color scheme. Daisy's outfit from Mario Party 3 is based on her design from Daisy's debut game. In this game, Daisy has darker skin and hair. Her crown's color is changed from red to reddish-pink.

Daisy's Classic Miniskirt

In NES Open Tournament Golf, Daisy wears a short version of her dress in Super Mario Land. There aren't many differences in her costume here from the previous costume, but the differences are very important. Daisy's eyes and jewels are changed from black to blue. She has yellow shoes and does not have her crown on, unlike Princess Peach. On the title screen for this game, Daisy has blonde hair, a blue miniskirt and diamond earrings, presumably due to color limitations on the NES. In Daisy's next appearance, Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64), Daisy wears the exact same dress. The only major difference between the two outfits is that now Daisy wears almost knee-high socks and orange buckle shows. Daisy has an alternate costume in this game. It is lavender with a purple waistband, designs and sleeve openings. Her jewel are a darker shade of blue.

Daisy's Modern Dress

Daisy's most memorable dress made a stunning debut in Mario Party 4.

Daisy's long and yellow gown is updated to have orange frills at the bottom and orange panniers. Her crown is now golden with red jewels on the sides. The jewels in between her flower decorations are turquoise. Daisy is now shorter in height and her tan is removed.

Princess Peach got a similar redesign to Peach in Super Mario Sunshine, but there are small differences to the two's ensembles. Peach's gloves cover most of her arm while Daisy's only cover her hands. Daisy has two sets of frills at the end of her dress while Peach has one. And while Daisy has petal-shaped openings to her puffy sleeves, Peach has nothing of the sort.

This dress design has been consistent over the years and has yet to have any significant changes made to it. Although, later down the line in Mario Golf Super Rush her hair was darkened along with her sun kissed skin and teel colored jewlery which retained all of her physical attributes from the Mario Party 3 but with short hair and gold crown.

Daisy's Sportswear

For most sports events, Daisy wears a yellow tank-top with a daisy design on her chest with a turquoise in the middle of it. Her collar is petal-shaped. This tank-top is accompanied by orange shorts with yellow pockets. She wears orange shoes with yellow designs and white socks. This outfit made its debut in 2003's Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. This design has stayed relatively the same until Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, where her tank top is shortened to expose her midriff, given white stripes on the side of it and yellow stripes on the sides of her orange shorts to replace her yellow pockets.

Mario Strikers Outfits

Daisy appears in Super Mario Strikers with a brand new outfit. For this soccer event, Daisy sports short pants and a short-sleeved shirt exposing her midriff. Her outfit is mainly orange with turquoise accents. She wears orange and black-stripped arm bands with white gloves. On the ride side of her chest is the number nine.

With there being more danger in the sequel to the first game, Daisy wears a more armored uniform in Mario Strikers Charged. Daisy wears a breastplate with her emblem on it, shoulder armor with subdued floral designs and gauntlets on her hands, all of this armor being orange. Daisy wears metallic-looking shoes that go up to her pants, accented with turquoise. When Daisy is on the opposing team, Daisy's colors are inverted; turquoise is the main color whereas orange serves as an accent. Like in the first game, Daisy exposes her midriff, though less so in this game.

Daisy's Jumpsuit

Daisy's jumpsuit made it's first appearance in Mario Kart Wii. She wears this when she rides a motorcycle, bike or an ATV. This outfit is white with yellow accents, featuring yellow boots, gloves and a necktie. Her belt is yellow with a white buckle.

Winter Sportswear

During games with cold temperature, Daisy wears this outfit. Daisy's Winter Sportswear consists of a yellow dress with long orange sleeves and pants. Both her sleeves and pants have white accents. The end of her skirt is white. She wears white boots with yellow strings. Daisy's gloves are more suited for the winter seasons. This costume first appeared in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and has, as of now, only reappeared in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Her gloves in this appearance are redesigned to appear more floccose.

Daisy's Modern Miniskirt

The next time Daisy wears a miniskirt is in Mario Golf: World Tour. This dress is a miniature version of her gown, as was the case with her classic miniskirt. She has a yellow sleeveless dress with two orange lines on the bottom of her dress. Daisy switches out her petal-shaped gloves to one golfing glove on her right hand. She wears orange tennis shoes and white socks.

Daisy's Swimsuit

In Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Daisy's swimwear, a yellow leotard with orange lines along the sides, make their introduction to the Sarasaland Princess's wardrobe. Daisy retains her flower-like collar from her default dress.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dress

Daisy's dress in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the most complex costume she's received yet. It's essentially an intricate redesign of her modern dress; her orange panniers, turquoise brooch, gold crown and collar remain intact. Key additions to this gown are white frills that split down her legs, a silk front that reaches her flower-shaped brooch and white little flourishes on the sides of her dress and around her brooch. Daisy's gloves have subtle flower motifs and there are golden designs on her crown. In comparison to Peach, Daisy's dress is a lot less sophisticated. While Peach has long gold flourishes and frills with decorative designs, Daisy has short and white flourishes along with very consistent designs for her frills.

Super Smash Bros, Ultimate Alts

Daisy receives seven unique colorations in Ultimate. Their designs, colors and potential references will be detailed in this section.

Alt 1

The primary color of Daisy's first alt is changed from orange to green. Daisy's frills at the bottom of her dress and her panniers are chartreuse. The jewels she decorates herself with are now amethyst and the flourishes on her dress are dark green. Daisy herself has never worn a green dress, at least up to that point, but her best friend Peach did in the title screen for NES Open Tournament Golf while caddying for Mario.

Alt 2

This alternate costume is rose pink with red panniers and frills. The frills that split down her legs are now beige along with the flame-like designs on her dress. Daisy's brooch, earrings and the center jewel of her crown are plum purple. The heels Daisy wears are a yellow shade. This dress has a similar but not identical color palette to Peach's dress, which could mean this dress is a reference to her, but Daisy wore a dress of a similar shade in a colorized release of Super Mario Land.

Alt 3

The third alt of Daisy's is blue with white frills and patterns. Her panniers are purple, her jewels are a dark shade of green and her heels are lime green. Daisy wears a blue dress in her appearance on the opening screen for NES Open Tournament Golf as a presumed result of color limitations ta the time. This was likely the inspiration for Daisy's third alt in Ultimate.

Alt 4

This flashy alternate costume doesn't have any clear-cut connections to Daisy's past, but it does bear a passing reference to Mayor Pauline, the original leading lady of the Mario series. This dress is red with grey panniers, brown jewels, gold flourishes on her dress and black frills. Her silk front, gloves and petal-shaped sleeve openings are black. This alt has the most differences from her default costume and is the only one that changes Daisy's glove color.

Alt 5

This dress's main color is lavender. Daisy's two frills are purple and orchid (top frill and bottom frill). The panniers on her dress are blue and her various jewels are magenta. Her heels are a greenish shade of yellow. Daisy wore an alternate dress in Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64) of a purple shade, which could be the inspiration for this dress.

Alt 6

Obviously referencing Princess Peach's Wedding Dress from Super Mario Odyssey, this scintillating dress is white with cloud gray accents. Daisy's frills at the bottom of her dress is pink and her heels are a fitting color of white. Peach's version of this alt in Smash Ultimate has more metallic and silver-looking accents on.

Alt 7

Daisy wears a black dress with green panniers and a bright white variant of frills. Her flourishes on this gown are gold. Her jewels are brown and her shoes are the same color of her dress. This gown likely references the monochromatic sprite Daisy had in her debut game, Super Mario Land.

Dr. Daisy

In Dr. Mario World, Daisy wears a very stylish doctors outfit for her debut in the series. She wears a beige lab coat with rolled up sleeves, white shirt, orange blouse with a red line at the bottom and white shoes. Daisy does not wear her crown and has a stethoscope around her neck.

Daisy (Holiday Cheer)

Daisy's first new costume from Mario Kart Tour was her Christmas-themed outfit from the Holiday Tour. Daisy wears a long red dress with two white buttons, white gloves, black stockings and red boots. Her emblem is moved from her chest, where it typically is, to the middle of her white cape collar. Daisy wears a red beret with mistletoe in replacement of her crown.

Daisy (Fairy)

A fairy-themed variant of Daisy was released for the Flower Tour of Mario Kart Tour. Daisy wears a long yellow dress with ends resembling flower pedals along with straps made of leaves. She wears a waistband with leaves attached accompanied by two pink flowers and white flower. She wears a headband, fittingly decorated with daisies. On her back are yellow butterfly wings. Daisy is barefoot in this costume and wears no gloves.

Daisy (Yukata)

Princess Daisy receives another costume in the Summer Festival Tour. As the costume's name suggests, Daisy wears a yukata. A yukata is defined by Wikipedia as "a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, and unlined."[1] Her yellow Yukata is decorated with orange designs and white four-petaled flower designs. Her obi (belt used for traditional Japanese clothes) is blue and her emblem is in the center of her obi. Daisy wears black sandals with orange straps and on her head is a Cheep Cheep mask.

Daisy's Golf Outfit

Daisy was revealed in the upcoming Mario Golf: Super Rush during a Nintendo Direct on February 17, 2021 with a new golf attire. Daisy wears a yellow golf shirt with a white collar and buttons. She wears a white skirt with yellow lining and two of her emblems, as well as an orange belt with a silver daisy symbol as the buckle. Daisy's orange socks with a yellow stripe almost reach her knees and her white tennis shoes have yellow and orange accents. On her left hand is a golf glove with the colors orange, yellow, and white.


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