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Daisy brings her boundless enthusiasm to the baseball diamond, heading her own team and boasting her own stadium - the Daisy Cruiser. She’s a defensive dynamo who also throws a mean changeup.

Daisy’s Collectable Card Info, Mario Super Sluggers

Mario Super Sluggers is a baseball game in the Mario series and the sequel to Mario Superstar Baseball.

About Daisy

Her amazing glove is her best feature.

Daisy’s Bio, Mario Super Sluggers

Daisy's official artwork for Mario Super Sluggers.

Daisy is one of the 71 playable characters and 12 captains featured in the game. She is the captain of Daisy Flowers and sub-captain of Peach Monarchs. Daisy is on the base roster of the game overall, but must be unlocked during Challenge Mode.

Daisy’s strongest asset is her field play, while her weakest asset is her run. Daisy is an overall balanced character in terms of stats but her collectable card notes that she is an excellent defensive player. Daisy bats on both the left and right side of the batting field. Her fielding ability is the Super Dive, which occasionally allows her to dive further than usual to catch a ball. Daisy shares this ability with Baby Daisy and Shy Guy.

Daisy's Stats
Pitch 7/10
Bat 6/10
Field 8/10
Run 5/10

Star Skills

All 12 of the team captains have a Star Pitch and Star Swing, which allow them to use unique moves on their pitches and swings. Daisy’s Star Pitch is Flower Ball and her Star Swing is Flower Swing.

Flower Ball: Daisy pitches the ball and if the batter hits it, the ball will fly at a high angle and not too far away. The ball will also be surrounded by flower petals, making it difficult for opponents to see the ball. Once the ball gets closer to the ground, the petals disintegrate.

Flower Swing: A flower sprouts at the end of Daisy’s bat and upon impacting the ball, a flower garden appears where the ball is slated to land, making the ball difficult to find.

Challenge Mode

I want to play baseball with everyone! We’ll mop up Bowser’s minions together.

Daisy before joining the player’s team, Mario Super Sluggers

Toad: "Bowser Jr. turned Princess Daisy into a statue!"

Upon entering Peach Ice Garden for the first time, you’ll be met by a frenetic Toad who leads you to the right of the entrance. There you’ll see a statue of Princess Daisy, and Toad informs the player that Bowser Jr. turned her into the stone statue.

After arranging Toad Flower Garden in the correct way at the request of Toadette and promptly recruiting her, you are able to reach the west side of the garden, where Toadsworth is standing on a platform next to his shop. Upon talking with him, Toadsworth reveals that the platform he is standing on is the switch that controls the fountain waters. Toadsworth isn’t heavy enough to control the water and the real weight was moved by Bowser Jr.

The Player then goes to the location of Daisy’s Statue form to use it as a weight to stop the flooding. The Player will then find Hammer Bro harassing Toad in an attempt to steal the statue. After completing a mission and defeating Hammer Bro, the player asks Toad to borrow the statue. Though initially unwilling, upon learning the player’s intentions, he allows them to take it and joins the team. The statue is then used as a weight and the flooding of the fountain ceases.

Daisy's transformation from magical statue to human.

At the fountain, Bowser Jr. immediately appears with his captive, Princess Peach. After defeating Bowser Jr. in a game of baseball, Bowser Jr. leaves the garden and Peach is released. Once the princess asks where Daisy is, she is informed by Toadsworth that Daisy was turned into a statue. Right after this conversation, a cutscene shows Daisy reverting to her original state.

Daisy joins the team!

Peach is added to the team, and the group goes to see Daisy. Although she is eager to teach Bowser Jr. a lesson, upon getting off the platform, the fountain floods once more. Daisy gets back onto the platform and suggests the team get a weight. If the player goes to the right section next to the exit (where Daisy’s statue originally was) and looks through the shrubbery while using Peach, they’ll find a Toad statue, which can be used as a weight. The player can then return to Daisy’s location, put the Toad statue in her place, and stop the flooding for the final time. Finally, Princess Daisy joins Mario’s team.

Challenge Mode Cutscenes

Throughout Challenge Mode, you’ll see different cutscenes that help tell the game’s story. There are four cutscenes in all, and Daisy appears in all but one. Detailed below is Daisy’s role in the three she appears in.

The Opening

Daisy turns a Wii Remote into a yellow baseball bat with her emblem on it.

When you start the game, you’ll be greeted by The Opening Cutscene. It begins with Daisy, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and Birdo on a small cruise ship. The camera then shows the group reaching their destination. The ship is greeted cheerfully by Princess Peach and Toadsworth. Peach leads everyone up a lighthouse to get a bird’s eye view of the magnificent kingdom.

Toad and Daisy look in anticipation after Luigi is knocked off the plate.

Daisy and friends run onto the field of Mario Stadium in excitement. Daisy is then shown holding a Wii Remote and promptly swiping, causing it to transform into a yellow baseball bat with the princess’s emblem on it. Daisy successfully uses her new bat to hit the ball Mario pitches to her.

Later on, Luigi attempts to catch a ball before Donkey Kong knocks him off the plate. From the bench, Daisy clenches her hands with Toad, looking in anticipation. When it's revealed Luigi caught the ball, Daisy, Toad, Birdo, and Blue Toad run out of the bench area to Mario and Luigi in celebration.

Mario and friends leave Bowser Castle after winning.

Victory Cutscene

This cutscene is  the third and is triggered when the player is victorious against Bowser in Bowser Castle. After Mario does a celebratory fist-pump, Daisy runs from the left side towards Mario to throw him up in the air while Bowser throws a tantrum with his spiked baseball bat. Mario and friends are then seen walking out of the castle and towards the entrance of Baseball Kingdom as the sun begins to set. Peach’s brooch lights up, which causes the entirety of Baseball Kingdom to light up.

The Final Festivities

Toad, Daisy, and Yoshi enjoy a firework show on the Daisy Cruiser.

The fourth and final cutscene is unlocked when you defeat Bowser’s baseball team for a second time. The third cutscene plays again, but is followed by this one. Before the cutscene began, Peach announced a celebration at Baseball Kingdom and invited Bowser and Bowser Jr. to play with them on the island.

Daisy and her friends celebrate after the Bullet Bill makes a firework show.

The festivities begin on Daisy Cruiser, and Daisy is shown escorting Bowser and Bowser Jr. onto the ship. A big feast commences on the ship, and Daisy is shown sitting with Yoshi and Toad, looking in awe at the firework show. The celebrations continue at Mario Stadium, where Mario hits Bob-ombs into the sky, which create fireworks. Wario and Waluigi go up to the machine shooting the Bob-ombs and put a Bullet Bill in its place. The machine shoots the Bullet Bill at Mario, but Bowser jumps in the way with his bat, striking the Bullet Bill and causing it to fly back towards the dastardly duo, destroy the machine, and send Wario and Waluigi flying into the air with it. The Bullet Bill explodes, creating a beautiful firework explosion as the two fall down in distress.

Daisy is shown celebrating through physical movement with Peach, Yoshi, Birdo, and Toad.


Chemistry is a system in the Mario Baseball series that can affect team gameplay. All characters have positive and negative relationships with other characters. Good chemistry allows characters various attributes (such as Buddy Jumps, Buddy Throws, etc.) and is indicated by a musical note. Below is a list of who Daisy has good and bad chemistry with.

Good Chemistry: Luigi, Peach, Birdo, Orange Mii

Bad Chemistry: Waluigi, Petey Piranha, Hammer Bro, Bowser


  • Before Mario Kart Tour, Mario Super Sluggers held the title of the Mario game with the biggest character roster.