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"Daisy is a defensive powerhouse, fast and physical. Her crystal ability can shield her efforts and devastate opponents."

Daisy's Description, Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged is a soccer game in the Mario series and the sequel to Super Mario Strikers. Like the previous game, Mario Strikers Charged is a less regulated and more harsh version of soccer, featuring Mario characters and power-ups. As opposed to the whimsical and fairy tale-esque aesthetic of most Mario games, Mario Strikers Charged has a more morose and sci-fi-esque one. This game adds more to the characters such as more special moves and animations. The characters in this game are portrayed in a much more abrasive light. With the inclusion of losing animations, the characters show their more entitled and whiny traits, for example Petey Piranha gets so mad that he nearly swallows one of the opposing sidekicks.

About Daisy

Daisy's official artwork.

Princess Daisy is once again one of the playable captains. This time around, Daisy is a Defensive character instead of Offensive like in the previous game. Interestingly, Waluigi makes the same transition in this game. Daisy is a medium sized character along with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Waluigi, and Bowser Jr.

Daisy wears a more armored version of her uniform from Super Mario Strikers, wearing an orange top, bottoms, and boots with yellow and white accents. If she in on the AWAY team, Daisy primarily wears turquoise with white and yellow accents.

Daisy's team number is once against 9. Her team emblem is a crystal-like twist on Daisy's traditional emblem, having cyan petals and a yellow center. Ever character has a unique theme reflective of their character (i.e. Peach has a Techno style theme, Yoshi has a Broadway style theme, etc.). Daisy's is a Synth/Punk Rock one heavily utilizing guitars.

Unique Moves


A Deke is a move a character can perform in order to avoid getting their ball taken away. In her Deke, Daisy does a spin and teleports forward a little bit. How far she goes is dependent on the color of the ball. Daisy shares this move with one of the sidekicks, Dry Bones.

Crystal Smash!

Daisy's Special Ability, Crystal Smash.

Every captain featured in this game has a Special Ability, and Daisy is no exception. Her Special Ability is known as Crystal Smash!. In this move, Daisy hits the ground, which summons several huge orange crystals to surround the princess for about three seconds. Any opponents near the crystals are knocked back and anyone in the general area will be dazed by the quake. If an opponent is not hit by the crystals, it's possible for them to attack Daisy in the circle.

Mega Strike

Daisy's Mega Strike.

Super Strikes from Super Mario Strikers are replaced with Mega Strikes. They do not have names like Super Strikes did, but each captain has a unique one. In Daisy's Mega Strike, she flies high above the stadium, followed by a sparkling blue trail. Daisy then meets the soccer ball in the air. She fortifies her hand in blue crystals and her entire body begins to glow blue with white glowing eyes. Daisy charges up her strike, and then hits the ball towards the ground.



  • Home Entrance: Daisy falls from the sky and grunts upon landing. She lifts her head and exclaims "C'mon!".
  • Away Entrance: Daisy falls in front of her opposition, saying "Oh yeah? C'mon!" as she stands up and gets into a boxing stance, accompanied by the sound of a boxing match bell.

Goal Animations

  • Daisy dusts off her shoulder pads and makes a shrugging gesture whilst exclaiming "Uh-huh, alright, Daisy!".
  • Daisy jumps up and down with her hands up while yelling "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!"
  • Daisy alternatingly raises her hands while laughing.
  • Daisy snickers in a cocky tone and says "Uh-huh!" while lifting her hand to her ear.
  • Exclaiming "Hot stuff!", Daisy puts her hand on her hip, before quickly removing it when smoke is emitted. She shakes her hand up and light says "Yeah..".
  • "Whoo-hoo!", Daisy exclaims as she jumps up, falls to the floor, pumps her hands hands up and down while saying "Yeah, yeah, yeah!", before getting up and blowing a kiss to the audience.

Losing Animations

  • Daisy turns around with her hands crossed and makes a face and noise expressing disgust as she pouts back to her position.
  • Daisy stomps towards her team, taking heavy breaths and positioned in an exaggeratively angry stance. She then crosses her hands and taps her feet furiously, making her teammates very frightened.


Each of the playable captains has a unique challenge in Strikers Challenge mode. Each challenge unlocks a new cheat. Daisy has her own challenge, like every other character, and is the main antagonist of Peach's challenge mode. Information regarding those too modes are specified below:

Brick Wall Baby ! .jpeg

Brick Wall Baby!

  • Character: Daisy
  • Opponent: Waluigi
  • Difficulty: Superstar
  • Stadium: The Lava Pit
  • Official Description: "Daisy has an opportunity to win yet another Brick Wall award within the Leaf Cup! If she can win her next game and not concede a goal she will take the Trophy for an unprecedented fifth straight year. Can Waluigi spoil the party, or will Daisy lead her team to victory and defensive stardom?"
  • Cheat Unlocked: "Devastating Hits" - All players' tackling power becomes maxed.

Battle For The Crown !.jpeg

Battle For The Crown!

  • Character: Peach
  • Opponent: Daisy
  • Difficulty: Professional
  • Official Description: "The story at the Star Cup is which Princess will reign supreme, and it comes down to one game to see which is superior. Daisy is ahead in the group, but if Peach can beat Daisy by at least 5 goals, then Peach will advance and eliminate Daisy! Who will take the crown?"
  • Cheat Unlocked: "High Voltage" - Simply touching the electric fence will electrify players.

The Palace

The Palace was the first playable stage in Super Mario Strikers, and makes a reappearance in this game with the same name. The Palace is the Home Team of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, associating the stage with Daisy. The area is said to be located in the Mushroom Kingdom, the place where the first Mushroom Cup tournament took place, and former residence of a royal family. The stage resembles a simple soccer field and has a seating capacity of 15,000, the lowest of any stage.