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"I'm a superstar!"

Princess Daisy, Marty Party DS

Mario Party DS is the third handheld installment of the Mario Party series and the eleventh installment overall. This game was the first and only installment of the Mario Party series to be released on the Nintendo DS, as the name implies. The story of this game is that Bowser invited Mario and friends to give them an apology for his wicked actions, but instead shrinks them down to the size of a chess piece. The game follows the player's chosen character going to find Bowser and settle the score with him.

Princess Daisy makes her eight appearance in the Mario Party series with DS, joining the seven other playable characters for this adventure.

Team Names

Team Names make a return from Mario Party 8 , however these team names are less focused on the character's relationships and are simply puns or alliterative phrases.

Character Team Name
Mario Flower Players
Luigi Shy Sidekicks
Princess Peach Power Princesses
Wario Wilted Flowers
Waluigi Skinny Stars
Yoshi Cutie Pies
Toad Button Mushrooms