Mario Party 8

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"Here comes Daisy!"

Princess Daisy

Mario Party 8 is the eighth installment of the main Mario Party series and the tenth overall. It was the first to be released on the Wii and features a big emphasis on the Wii Remote and motion controls. This party takes place at the Star Carnival and is hosted by ringmaster MC Ballyhoo and his sentient hat Big Top.

Princess Daisy makes her seventh Mario Party appearance in this game and is one of the 14 playable characters.

Team Names

Though they were absent in Mario Party 7, Team Names return in this game and are completely new.

Character Team Name
Mario Flower Players
Luigi Tango Tanglers
Peach Damsels in Success
Yoshi Tomboy Trouble
Wario Mischief-Makers
Waluigi Double-Facers
Toad Bloomy Shroomy
Boo High Spirited Duo
Toadette Perfumed Shroomy
Birdo Gallopin' Gal-Pals
Dry Bones Daisy Pushers
Blooper Bloopsie-Daisy
Hammer Bro. Barn-Builders

Quotes & Profiles


  • "We're all superstars! *blows kiss*"
  • "That's right! *blows kiss*"
  • "Here comes Daisy!"
  • "I'm the winner! *blows kiss*"
  • "Got it!"
  • "Sweet!"
  • "Neat-o!"
  • "You know it!"
  • "Awww..."
  • "Oh!"
  • "Oooh!"
  • "Nah, nah, nah but-nuh!"
  • "Booooo!"
  • "I am the winner! *blows kiss*"
  • "I'm a Superstar! *blows kiss*"


  • Guide Bio: "As princess of Sarasaland, Daisy has played the "damsel in distress" role before, but now she's ready for her time in the spotlight. Daisy's not afraid to get her hands dirty at the Star Carnival, bumping elbows from the starting block and racing for the stars alongside her friends Mario, Luigi, and Peach."
  • Site Bio: "Whip-smart and well-rounded, Daisy has the skills that could vault her to superstar status."
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