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("Mario Party Advance" comes after this game)
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|caption1=|no_in_series=6 (Home Console Installments)
|caption1=|no_in_series=6 (Home Console Installments)
7 (Officially)|predecessor=''[[Mario Party 5]]'' (2003)|succesor=''[[Mario Party 7]]'' (2005)}}
7 (Officially)|predecessor=''[[Mario Party 5]]'' (2003)|succesor=''Mario Party Advance'' (2005)}}

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"Let's Party!"

Princess Daisy, Marty Party 6

Mario Party 6 is the sixth installment of the main Mario Party series. It was first released in Japan on November 18, 2004 as the third installment on the Nintendo GameCube. This game was the first installment of the Mario Party series to feature voice controlled mini-games and featured a day-and-night system that affects boards and mini-games.

Princess Daisy is one of the eleven playable characters in this game, voiced by Deanna Mustard. This game brings back the Tag Team function from Mario Party 5, retaining all the team names from that game while giving team names for Toadette, the newcomer to this game. Daisy and Toadette's Tag Team nickname is "Shopping Buddies".

Quotes & Profile


  • Getting a Star: "Yeah! I got it!"
  • Winning: "Oh yeah! I won!"
  • Celebration: "Yahoo!"
  • Surprise: "Woah!"
  • Disappointment: "Oh..."
  • Action: "Yah!"
  • Ouch: "Ahhhh!"
  • Getting an Orb: "Yeah!"
  • Losing: "Awww man!"
  • Shock: "Ouch!"
  • Frustrated: "Oh no!"
  • Danger: "Uhp!"


  • Site Bio: "Peach missed female companionship until this girl with the orange hair moved into the Mushroom Kingdom."