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"I'm not gonna give up!"

Princess Daisy's Bio Quote, Mario Party 5

Mario Party 5 is the fifth installment in the Mario Party franchise, first released in America on November 11, 2003. This game marks Princess Daisy's third appearance in the Mario Party series. This game would be the last time the princess was voiced by Jen Taylor.

Tag Team Names

Like in Mario Party 4, players have the ability to team up for Party Mode in Team Match. Mario Party 5 expands on this concept by giving each team a unique name. Many of these names describe the relationship between the two characters (i.e Mario and Luigi's "Mario Bros.", Peach and Waluigi's "Anti-Couple") or point out a commonality between the duo (i.e Yoshi and Wario's "Food Fanatics"). Below are detailed all the nicknames Daisy has with the nine other playable characters.

Character Team Name
Mario Nice Couple
Luigi Steady Sweeties
Princess Peach Lordly Ladies
Yoshi Royal Ride
Wario Mismatched Pair
Waluigi Awkward Date
Toad Royal Pals
Boo Haunted Flowers
Koopa Kid Grudging Allies

Quotes & Profiles


  • Star Acquired: "Yay! I got it!"
  • Item Acquired: "Yay!"
  • Winning: "Yeah! Daisy's the winner?"
  • Surprised: "Wow!"
  • Ouch!: "Aaaah!"
  • Nice Choice: "Good choice!"
  • You Lost: "Aww, I lost!"
  • Done In: "Aaaaahhh!"
  • Happy: "Ya-hoo!"
  • Really Surprised: "Oh!"
  • Depressed: "Oooh."
  • Busted: "Ohw!"


  • Bio Quote: "I'm not gonna give up!"
  • Guide Bio: "Daisy first appeared as the damsel in distress in 1989's Super Mario Land, a role usually occupied by Peach. After Mario rescued her, tongues wagged about a possible love affair between the portly plumber and the Princess of Sarasaland, but lately Luigi has been seen courting Daisy, and we have no reason to believe that Mario's affection for Peach has ever wavered!"