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A field on the deck of a cruise ship.

Daisy Cruiser's Bio

Daisy Cruiser is one of the four unlockable stadiums in Mario Super Sluggers. As the name implies, this is a Daisy-themed baseball stadium that take place on a cruise ship. Unlike the variant of Daisy Cruiser featured in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, this course is docked at Baseball Kingdom, an island with stadiums built by Princess Peach tailored to her friend's based on their personalities and color schemes.

How to Unlock

The Cruiser Pass's description in Toadsworth's Shop.

Daisy Cruiser is not a playable stadium at the beginning of the game, there's only a docking area with a lighthouse and canopy walkway with Daisy's emblem. At Toadsworth's shop in Peach Ice Garden during Challenge Mode, you can purchase the Cruiser Pass for 300 coins. Once you exit Peach Ice Gardens, you'll see Daisy Cruiser pulling into its docking area, then you'll be notified of its newfound playability.


Daisy Cruiser's tables during the daytime.

A left side view of Daisy Cruiser during the nighttime.

Daisy Cruiser is a large yacht, larger than the racing variant featured in Double Dash!!. The baseball field is designed according to Daisy's personal style. The bases and plates are gold with Daisy's emblem on them. The lines and boundaries are yellow. The field as a whole is shiny and brown. Daisy Cruiser has triangle banners with a orange, yellow, blue, and white color scheme. There are some umbrellas around the field with yellow, orange, blue, and white stripes. During the daytime, there are dining tables past the grass line of the field. These tables serve as obstacles. At nighttime, the tables are replaced with Cheep Cheeps. Also during nighttime, a Glooper Blooper appears in the ocean and tilts the ship from left to right. At the end of the court (and technically towards the front of the ship), there are two lighthouses to the left and right of the arena. Both lighthouses have statues of Daisy on top of them, he same statue that Daisy is transformed into during Challenge Mode by Bowser Jr.

Blooper Baserun

Red Yoshi, Tiny Kong, Blooper, and Hammer Bro (counterclockwise order) playing Blooper Baserun on Daisy Cruiser.

As in the previous installment of the Mario Baseball series, each stadium has a corresponding Mini-game. For Daisy Stadium, that game is Blooper Baserun. The objective of this game is to get more coins than your three opponents within 60 seconds, moving forward (pressing 1 or A) or backwards (pressing 2 or B). While attempting to achieve this goal, you'll have to avoid Gooper Blooper's tentacles during the process. After about 30 seconds of the game, Gooper Blooper will do a spin attack. Before this occurs, the player has to hit the button shown on the screen. If the player hits the button on time, they will dodge the attack. Otherwise, they will be stunned by the attack. A Super Star will appear from time to time, preventing any hazards from hitting the player who picks it up.

Challenge Mode Cutscene

Various characters celebrate on the Daisy Cruiser.

Daisy Cruiser appears in the fourth and final cutscene of the game, which is triggered by defeating Bowser's team for a second time in Bowser's Castle. Peach sees that Bowser and Bowser Jr. actually want to play baseball with them and invites them to. She then decides to throw a celebration for Baseball Kingdom. The festivities begin on Daisy Cruiser, where various characters are seen cheering with balloons flying in the sky. Daisy is seen inviting crestfallen Bowser and Bowser Jr. onto the ship. There's a big feast on the ship consisting of foods such as cake, ice cream, bananas, and pineapples. Characters are enjoying the vast amounts of food with the exception of Bowser and Bowser Jr., who have small portions if food in comparison to everyone else at the table, likely due to their guilt. Daisy, Yoshi, and Toad are seen watching fireworks in excitement.


  • Daisy Cruiser is the only unlockable baseball stadium that can be played on during both daytime and nighttime.