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"A map that reverses your direction."

Backtrack’s Description, Marty Party 3

Backtrack is an unlockable board exclusive to Mario Party 3. This board is connected to Daisy because in the Story Mode of Mario Party 3, she is the designated opponent for this stage, and winning against her will earn the player the Beauty Stamp and unlock the Backtrack board in Duel Mode.


The main gimmick of Backtrack is the unique use of Reverse Spaces. Rather than causing you to go back in the direction you were moving, anyone who lands on the Reverse Spaces on this board has their direction of movement reversed and changes the position of their partners.

The board is shaped like a star with a blue floor. Backtrack is heavily themed around Mario enemies such as Goombas, Koopa Kid, Boos, Chain Chomps, Thwomps, and Whomps. Sticker-like images of various Mario enemies are scattered all over the board, green enemies inside the star and yellow enemies outside. At the bottom center of the board is the Bellhop. There are 21 spaces on Backtrack, with a Reverse Space at the five points of the star.

The song The Winner is... Me! (displayed in the infobox above) only plays on the Backtrack board during Story Mode.



  • Backtrack is one of the two unlockable boards in Mario Party 3, the other being Waluigi’s Island, which is unlocked by beating Waluigi in Story Mode.
  • Bowser’s Warped Orbit from Mario Party 8 may have taken inspiration from Backtrack, as both courses change the direction of the player’s movement.