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"The happiest baby on the course, Baby Daisy is still a tough customer despite her size disadvantages. She is also a fairly loud customer. Some things you just see coming in someone’s early years."

Baby Daisy's Bio, Mario Kart 8

Baby Daisy is the neonate counterpart to Princess Daisy. Unlike many of the other baby Mario characters, Baby Daisy did not originate from the Yoshi's Island series or Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. She was instead introduced in the spin-off game of Mario Kart Wii.

Baby Daisy appears in Mario spin-offs such as Mario Kart and Mario Baseball alongside her fellow infants Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, and Baby Rosalina.


Baby Daisy's design is based off of Daisy's current design. Her head and eyes are cartoonishly large. She has a very small amount of blush underneath her blue eyes.

Baby Daisy's hair is very similar to her adult counterpart, orange hair with a parted bank and hair that extends to the back of her head, unlike her adult counterpart whose hair extends to her back. On her head is a crown of an exaggerated size.

Baby Daisy wears a yellow shirt with a turquoise floral-themed brooch and flowery collar. She has beige baby bottoms and white tights underneath a skirt of two overlapping hoop designs. Her shoes are red. Like Baby Peach, Baby Daisy has a pacifier. However, Baby Peach's pacifier compliments her color scheme, unlike Baby Daisy, who has a golden pacifier.

Personality & Voice

Baby Daisy's personality is essentially a heightened variant of her adult counterpart's. Baby Daisy is hyperactive, loud, energetic and cheerful. Many of her animations in Mario Kart Wii feature her jumping and dancing with closed eyes. Baby Daisy hardly speaks and whenever she does, she's hardly ever coherent, speaking in loud grunts and squeals. When things don't go her way, Baby Daisy whines and becomes more incoherent. Due to primarily appearing in spin-off competition games, Baby Daisy comes off as particularly competitive and determined to win. In comparison to babies in real life, Baby Daisy and the rest of the Mario babies are much more intelligent, capable of driving karts and playing sports.


A golden statue of Baby Daisy and Baby Luigi in Mario Kart Wii.

Baby Daisy's most important relationships are with her fellow infants. Just like her adult counterpart, Baby Daisy's closest friend seems to be the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Baby Peach. The two pose next to each other on the congratulations screen for Mario Kart Wii and played hide-and-seek together according to dialogue in Mario Super Sluggers.

Baby Daisy is also associated with Baby Luigi. In Mario Kart Wii, there is a statue in Daisy Circuit of her being swung by Baby Luigi, similar to the statue of Daisy and Luigi in the same course. According to her guide profile, she use to ride with Baby Luigi, but he grew intimidated of her.[1]

Baby Daisy is implied to have a negative relationship with Bowser Jr. Lakitu translates Daisy's crying speech in Mario Super Sluggers to reveal that Bowser Jr. scared Baby Daisy while she was playing with Baby Peach, causing her to lose her rattle.

Lakitu is able to understand and translate the baby characters (including Baby Daisy), although Baby Daisy's relationship with him is unknown.

In Mario Super Sluggers, Baby Daisy has good chemistry with Baby Peach, Baby Luigi, Baby Mario, Baby DK, and Yoshi. Baby Daisy has bad chemistry with Bowser, Magikoopa, Shy Guy, Dry Bones, King Boo, and Petey Piranha.


  • Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina are the only baby characters to make their debut in the Mario Kart series.


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